PK DAS Institute of Medical Sciences

PK DAS Institute of Medical Sciences has several departments.
Please review the departments and facilities in detail.

Providing the best medical education for the future generation of doctors.

Best helathcare support education to you.

We provide quality medical education under experienced Professors.

We provide quality education in a variety of fields with qualified faculty from India and around the world.
Our skilled doctors, nurses, and allied health workers can handle patients with a wide spectrum of medical expertise.


Our Quality Policy.

We will strive to maintain international standards in treatment, laboratory services and prescribing and dispensing medicines.

Our Exclusive Medical Professors

Our professional and well experienced professors and educational
staffs all have exceptional experience and trained skills under various
medical departments and its treatment.

Dr. Jagathlal P. C.

Dr. Jagathlal P. C. MBBS. MD Department of Biochemistry

Dr. Arati Anand Amin

Dr. Arati Anand Amin graduated from Govt. Medical College, Bangalore, and she completed Master Degree in Physiology from Manipal University.

Dr. P. K. Ramakrishnan

Dr. P. K. Ramakrishnan graduated from All India Medical Science, New Delhi, completed master in Anatomy from Harvard University.