P K Das Institute of Medical Sciences is constituted Disciplinary Committee under the guidelines of Kerala University of Health Science. 

Kerala University of Health Science

The Disciplinary Committee will ensure compliance of Code of Discipline and Conduct for students and will suggest suitable action in case of its violation. In case of matters concerning in the campus, the Disciplinary Committee is empowered to take decisions.

The Act has conferred powers on the disciplinary committee of the Bar Council of India to make inquiry in some cases on complaints of misconduct referred to it, to withdraw cases for enquiry before itself, to hear appeals and order stay and to review its own orders.

Disciplinary Committee 2022-23

P K Das Institute of Medical Sciences, has been constituted Disciplinary Committee. The committee administers and makes decisions concerning student welfare, taking up issues reported by students and resolves them by bringing it to the notice of the board.

Dr. M. A. Andrews, MD, DM

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