Campus Infrastructure Overview

The campus overview of P. K. Das Institute of Medical Science is the State-of-the-art infrastructure. The facilities and features of the campus is high class.

The Infrastructure Facilities of P.K. Das Institute of Medical Science.

The complete view of the campus and its features are very impressive and high tech.

A modern medical college with more than 750 beds, PK Das Institute of Medical Sciences strives to offer top-notch healthcare education in its own hospital facilities. The Medical Sciences facility is spread across 30 acres of land and more than six blocks to accommodate patients, students and professors.

Common Facilities at Medical College

The hospital is part of PK Das Institute of Medical Sciences, a well maintained quality higher education college campus. More than 7 departments are working under this campus including administration, Academic block, Class rooms, Hospital, Lecture theaters, Library & reading room, Computer lab, Residential facilities, Hostels, Cafeteria etc…

Other Featured Facilities at Campus

Other special and featured facilities available at P K Das Institute of Medical Science campus
for our medical students to enhancing their educational qualification.

High Speed Internet Facilities

The library is equipped with facilities to get access to e-resources which make it a knowledge paradise for everyone. PKDIMS is equipped with high spend lease line of 18 MBPS internet connectivity. This is done in order to enable students to explore maximum information for their studies through internet.

Skill Lab for Innovations

The Medical College has a skill lab located in the academic block with most modern and high-end technology gadgets.

Computer Lab Facilities

PKDIMS is equipped with Computer Lab is located in the Academic Block with adequate number of computers for students best education.

International Standard Auditorium

Auditorium as per the MCI requirement is available at the 4th level of the Academic Block for entertainment and other social activities held in campus.

Health Education Essentials

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