P K Das Institute of Medical Sciences is constituted Parents Teachers Association under the guidelines of Kerala University of Health Science. 

Composition of

P K Das Institute of Medical Sciences for facilitating better contact between the parents and teachers for solving the problems of the College as well as students. The Parent Teacher Association role in fostering and promoting healthy relationship among the members of the teaching staff, the students and the guardians of students. It has been successful in bringing together the parents, teachers and students in order to strive for the development of the College.

The administration of the PTA is directed by an executive committee comprising representatives of parents and teachers. General body meetings which are well attended provide the parents with an opportunity to meet the class teachers of their wards and discuss their academic performance.

Parents Teachers Association 2021

P K Das Institute of Medical Sciences, has been constituted Parents Teachers Association. The committee administers and makes decisions concerning student welfare, taking up issues reported by students and parents.

Dr. M. A. Andrews, MD, DM

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