Official Governing Bodies
Student Welfare Committee

The first priority of the Medical School is to offer students support for their problems and help them to overcome these problems. The School recognizes that medical students are subject to all sorts of pressures and some will find the MBBS course stressful at times; the majority will cope but the minority may find it difficult for a variety of reasons. Stress is common amongst members of the medical profession, and students are no exception. Often it is related to assessments, and as our students are academic high achievers in general, the first examination they ever fail is often in Medical School. Moreover, most of the students are away from home probably the first time. Thus homesickness adds to all the other tension.

A student welfare committee has been formed to support medical students in PKDIMS through these difficult times. This is a unique committee which has been formed with the sole intention to alleviate the stress levels of the students by indulging in various extracurricular activities, yoga and other programmes sponsored by PKDIMS. Systematic and periodic guidance and counseling will also be provided by the counseling cell to those students who have specified difficulties either in academic or professional affairs. This committee also has the unique responsibility to act as an interface between the management and students. The committee administers and makes decisions concerning student welfare, taking up issues reported by students and resolves them by bringing it to the notice of the board.

Composition of Student Welfare Committee