Research Cell

 The primary objective of the Research Cell is to oversee all undergraduate research and faculty research projects and suggest improvements and monitor the progress.

 Research Cell scrutinizes all research proposals prior to their presentation at the IEC or IAEC and only after receiving the clearance of the research cell can a proposal be presented at IEC / IAEC

 Research Cell helps in conducting research sensitization programs in PKDIMs.

 Research Cell is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Central Research Laboratory


• Prof. Dr. K. N Gopakumaran Kartha, Principal, PK Das Institute of Medical Sciences, Chairperson

• Dr. Jagatlal P. C. Professor & HOD - Dept. of Biochemistry, Member secretary

• Dr. George Cherian, Professor & HOD - Dept. of General Medicine

• Dr. Arati Anand Amin, Associate Professor - Dept. of Physiology

• Dr. Anish Stephen, Assistant Professor - Dept of Pharmacology

• Mrs. V. S Sheejamol, Assistant Professor - Dept. of Community medicine

• Dr. R. Vishnu, Assistant Professor - Dept of Pharmacology