To make the department a Centre of Excellence in medical education, research and diagnosis


Primary aim is to teach medical students, to guide and help the consultants in patient care by providing proper diagnosis of diseases.

To determine the causes, analyze the effects, and develop the means for early detection of diseases and help the clinicians to improve and impart evidence-based medical care.

To promote research skill among medical students and faculty members.


Clinical Pathology





Is the cornerstone of diagnosis and management of haematlogical and other diseases. Results from our clinical pathology lab will give relevant answer to all medical and surgical problems of clinicians and surgeons.


Is the branch of Pathology concerned with study of specific tissue changes in disease processes. Tissue diagnosis of disease is achieved by various procedures. Our objective will be to promote the delivery of diagnostic results in a comprehensive, co-ordinated and cost-effective manner with the shortest turn-around-time possible.


Is the diagnostic branch of Pathology in which of diagnosis is made by studying the cells obtained by various invasive and non-invasive procedures. Malignant and non-malignant diseases are diagnosed by Exfoliative cytology of fluids, cervical smears, sputum etc. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is the most popular, rapid and safe method of diagnosing all superficial swellings of breast, thyroid, salivary gland,and lymphnodes. Deep-seated/ intraabdominal sweelings can be aspirated under guidance

FNAC of superficial swellings will be done by expert Pathologists and diagnosis will be ready by shortest time possible.


IHC refers to the method of identification of tissue antigens by immunological reaction and has become one of the important diagnostic tool in Oncopathology and molecular research.

IHC is now widely used for diagnosis of various tumours by identification and localization of specific biomarkers in tumour tissue. Detection of Hormone Receptors like Estrogen and Progesterone in tumour tissue is the gold standard the treatment of breast cancer. IHC identification of specific Receptor proteins like Her2-Neu, C-KIT, EGFR etc. help in Target Therapy in Breast Carcinoma and GIST . Diagnosis and classification of various Leukaemias and Lymphomas are also done by IHC evaluation. IHC Biomarkers play an important role in assessing the prognosis of Lymphomas, especially NHL

Over 200 antibodies are available for tissue diagnosis by IHC. (Cytokeratin, Vimentin, CD117, CD99, CD10, CD30, CD20, PSA, AFP etc.)

Tissue antigens are routinely detected by using chromogenic Peroxidase-Anti Peroxidase method in which the positive antigen site will be stained as brown colour. Antigens can be localized by Immunofluorescence also.