1. The Microbiology department actively involves in teaching and clinical diagnostic services to the tertiary care hospitals and adjoining health care facilities in this area. We also offer a 24 hour emergency laboratory service to the entire hospital through the microbiology section located in central laboratory.

2. Classes are being regularly conducted for the following courses:


Using different teaching modalities like Didactic lectures, practical demonstrations, interactive symposiums, group discussion and seminars and quizzes pertaining to the MCI norms. The department offers laboratory training and project work for various students from other colleges. Various research facilities have been provided to students and faculties.

3. The clinical microbiology laboratory is in the process of full computerization using the WHONET software facilitating the analysis of antimicrobial susceptibility pattern and surveillance of hospital acquired pathogens.

4. Department actively involves in regular hospital surveillance activities including: Critical care area surveillance, hospital environmental surveillance, drinking water testing, microbiology sterility checking, sterility check of blood bags, solutions and sterilizers used in CSSD.


(a)Primary mission is to train undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and make them aware of the biology, epidemiology, immunology and pathogenesis of various infectious diseases and their control measures.

(b)To help the clinicians in patient care by actively participating in infection control and surveillance programmes.

(c)To promote high quality Research in Diagnostic Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Biology.

Microbiology Lab Services:

Our Microbiology lab aims at providing accurate and reproducible results on various clinical materials submitted within the shortest turn-around time possible.

Following sections are set under Microbiology Lab :

(1)Bacteriology Including Mycobacteriology


(3)Mycology and Parasitology



(5)Hospital infection surveillance and prevention


Is equipped with sophisticated machines for bacterial identification and bacterial culture and sensitivity testing of various infected specimens like sputum, blood, urine, pus and body fluids.Widal Card and tube tests are available for diagnosing Typhoid fever. Diagnostic tests for Tuberculosis also available.


Viruses can be identified by Immunofluorescence, antibody detection by ELISA method and by PCR test. Diagnosis of HIV, HBV, & HBC are done by ELISA test in our lab. Serological tests like VDRL, card test for Malarial parasite, RA Factor for Rheumatoid Arthritis, and ASO titre are done.


Nosocomial infection is one of the important cause for morbidity and mortality in hospitalized and immunocompromised patients. Our lab is conducting weekly microbiological surveillance by air culture, water culture and swab culture from various ICUs, Cath Lab, Operation theatres, Blood Bank, Dialysis Units and labour room which act as the potential sources for hospital infection.