Department of General Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine plays a pivotal role in the academic and health care service domains of any tertiary level Medical institution. The department of Internal medicine supported by a conglomerate of allied medical specialities deals with a large number of adult health problems requiring investigation, diagnosis and management at both out-patient and in-patient facilities. The wide array of health problems being dealt by this department range from common infectious diseases to rare multi-system disorders with complex pathophysiologic origins. The department also cater to the emergency medical services of the hospital through Casualty and Medical Intensive Care Units.

Internal Medicne department is one of the broad medical specialities where undergraduate training in clinical medicine is initiated, where medical problems of real human patients are unfolded infront of the 'budding doctors'. The deapartment inculcates the art and skills of establishing a good rapport with the patients, training the students to analyze the origin and pathophysiologic discourse of the signs and symptoms of their patients and deliver treatment soultions for various ailments with kindness and empathy. By imparting the skills of clinical problem solving , department of Internal medicine lays down the academic and scientific platform for translating basic medical knowledge into bedside patient care services.

The department of Internal Medicine at PKDIMS is envisioned to foster Research activity by adopting a multidisciplinary approach towards research investigations in collaboration with basic science departments. The department aims at exploring the epidemiological and pathophysiological aspects of various medical disorders using observational and experimental study designs employing state of the art techniques available at the central research lab.

The internal Medicine department at PKDIMS is headed by the eminent clinician and academician Prof. George Cherian.