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Academic Block lobby

• Lecture Theaters

Lecture theatres are available as per the MCI requirement. 3 Lecture Theatres of 180 capacity are located on Level 1 and Level 2 of the academic block and 1 Lecture theatre with 200 capcity is located on medical college hospital block. Each Lecture Theatre is provided with independent audio-visual aids These lecture theatres will be shared by all the departments in a scheduled manner. There shall be a provision for E-class.

Lecture theatre 1

Lecture theatre 2

Lecture theatre 3
• Common Rooms

One Common room each with toilet facilities is provided for boys & girls as per MCI norms.

• Library

The Central Library of P K Das Institute of Medical Sciences has been developed into real centers of learning. They contain a comprehensive collection of 5000 books in all branches of medical and allied subject and a good collection of CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM. We also have about 46 national and international medical journals and leading national magazines for the access of our students.

The Well equipped Central Library has ample space, more than 2400 sqmt of floor areas spread over in two floors with easy access to the students, faculty members and other users. In addition each department has separate libraries with adequate number of volumes.

Stack Area

Journal Corner

Internal Reading Room

Internal Reading Room

Residence Reading Corner

External Reading Area

Digital Library

Digital Library of PKDIMS is developed to meet the most advanced information requirement of the academic community and is fully automated with software for easy and fast access. The library has a collection of about 4800 odd books under different topics to meet the ever growing demand of the students and faculty in the field of health science. This library acts as a nodal centre for all digitalized information. Online library with links to all the leading libraries and Universities in India and abroad is also available in our college.


The library is equipped with facilities to get access to e-resources which make it a knowledge paradise for everyone. PKDIMS is equipped with high spend lease line of 18 MBPS internet connectivity. This is done in order to enable students to explore maximum information for their studies through internet.

• Skill Lab

The Medical College has a skill lab located in the academic block with most modern gadgets.

• Computer Lab

Computer lab is located in the Academic Block with adequate number of computers.

• Auditorium

Auditorium as per the MCI requirement is available at the 4th level of the Academic Block.


• A Hospital having 300 beds and other ancillary facilities is functioning in the Medical College campus. It is the teaching hospital as envisaged by the MCI. This will be expanded to 700 beds capacity in a phased manner. Space for the OPD’s, Wards and department of Clinical Specialties are provided in the Hospital Complex.

• General facilities

Central Registration / Reception Counter, Hospital Lobby, Pharmacy - OP including pharmacy waiting, OPD’s of General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, ENT departments, Pediatrics, MRD are provided with easy accessibility to the patients.

• Accidents & Emergency Department (Casualty):

Casualty Complex is a self sufficient unit with adequate facilities for any type of emergency care and management. This is located close to the main entry gate to the Hospital, in the OP Block with separate access. There are 25 beds .Facilities for resuscitation services like Ventilators, Defibrillator, Oxygen, Disaster Trolleys etc. are provided. Radiological services are also available as the Radiology department is located close to the Casualty. A dedicated lift is also provided near to Casualty for transporting critical patients to ICU’s.

• Out Patient Departments

Each OPD is provided with 4 examination cubicles, one demonstration room and other mandatory provisions in addition to waiting and reception area. Additional accommodation is also provided to certain OPD’s as per the recommendation of the Council.

• Central Clinical Lab

Central Laboratories including Blood Bank is already provided in the Level I of the Hospital Block closed to the casualty. There are separate rooms for Histopathology, Cytopathology, Clinical Pathology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Bacteriology, Serology, Virology, Parasitology, Mycology, Tuberculosis and Immunology with sufficient areas as prescribed by MCI.

• Blood Bank

Blood Bank is provided in the Level I of the Hospital

• Other Investigations

Equipments like ECG, EEG, Holter Monitor, Tread mill, Echo, Endoscopy etc. has been installed

• Radio Diagnosis Services

Sufficient area is provided along with the Department of Radiology in the level 2 as per the recommendation of the MCI.

• Pharmacy

There are multiple pharmacies located in the different area of the hospital. One pharmacy for the casualty, 2 for the OPD & 2 for IPD.

• Each ward is equipped with the following ancillary rooms
  • Nurses Duty Room
  • Laboratory for routine examination
  • Examination and Treatment room
  • Ward Pantry
  • Store room for linen and other equipments
  • Resident Doctors & Students duty room
  • Clinical Demonstration room
• Operation Theaters

There are eight major Operation Theaters located in the hospital complex. There are two General Surgery theater one for ENT, one for Ophthalmology, one for Orthopedics ,Two for Obstetrics & Gynecology and one for ER/Septic cases.

Each of this theater has OT table, centralized ac, central oxygen and nitrous oxide supply, aneathesia machine, multipara monitors, defribillators, infusion pumps etc.

In addition there are two minor theaters one each located in the casualty and surgery OPD as per the MCI requirement.

Residential Facilities

P.K.Das Institute of Medical Sciences is providing hostel accommodation for students , residents, nurses, faculty members ETC. Presently one hostel each for male and female students and hostel facilities for residents and nurses are also available. The requirement of future accommodation facility will be taken care of as the student strength increases ahead of the years.

• Hostels for Students

Separate in-campus hostels are provided for boys and girls as per MCI requirements with spacious, well-furnished rooms. Recreation rooms are equipped with TV, games, music, telephone, reading and internet facilities. Common rooms & visitors room are available as per MCI requirement. Furniture with 1 Cot, One Table, One Chair and Wardrobe has been provided to each inmate. Services of dining, laundry facilities and 24-hours security have also been arranged.

• Hostels for Residents

Accommodation for residents are provided as per MCI requirements within the campus.

• Hostels for Nurses

Nurses accommodation are provided within the campus as per the MCI requirement.

• Cafeteria

Cafeteria is located close to the Academic Block. The students & faculty are allotted separate area in the cafeteria.

• Mess

Each hostel has a mess hall suitably furnished. In addition another mess is located on the 1st floor of the canteen.