Forensic Department
Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

The Deparment of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at PKDIMS provides high quality Medicolegal Education to the Graduating students training them in various fields such as Forensic Radiology, Anthropology, pathology,Histopathology, Serology and Toxicology. The Department is fully equipped with modern forensic scientific tools and Highly experienced Medico-legal experts. The Deparment of forensic Medicine is also integrated with a state of the art Mortuary block,highly capable of handling Medicolegal postmortem examinations. The deparment aims at training the graduating students to well handle medicolegal cases in their day to day routine case encounters ranging from examining victims of trauma, sexual assaults, poisonings and certifying cause of death,sickness and fitness reports, injury reports, drunkenness , potency , age and dying declaration.

Currently the deparment of Forenisc Medicine at PKDIMS is also aiming at starting Post graduation course, setting up clinical forenisc medicine unit to handle medicolegal cases encountered in the emergency and trauma centre PKDIMS in order to assist the legal procedures in a more sophesticated manner and to ensure proper administration of Justice.